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My mission is to help people achieve a fulfilling and active life of wellness and happiness, and that’s why I provide this section full of useful resources and products that I love!

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Essential Oils

doTERRA makes the highest quality essential oils. If you are interested in purchasing any of their product check out my consultant page.

Crystal Water Bottles

Soji Crystal Bottles contain pure natural crystals. These beautiful stones when combined with water produce an elixir that encourages rejuvenation & clarification of both the body and mind. Introduce purification and positivity into your everyday routine with Soji.

Crystal Tones Bowls

All my bowls are Crystal Tones Crystal Singing Bowls. These Crystal Singing Bowls are made of the highest quality (99.992% pure!) quartz crystal, making them incredibly resonant. The tones produced by crystal bowls are not just heard by the ear, you feel them in your body, with certain tones affecting your energy centers (chakras) for healing, balancing & meditation.

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The Crystal Room

If you are looking to buy your first bowl and live in California, I highly suggest that you plan a trip to The Crystal Room in Mt. Shasta. They will help you find your perfect bowl. If you own any Crystal Bowls, bring them with you, they will ensure all your bowls sing in perfect harmony. Mt. Shasta is also the Earth's First Chakra - so it is pretty powerful place to find the perfect Crystal Singing Bowl.


"Our bodies are our gardens - our wills are our gardeners"

William Shakespeare


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